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  • BHARAT Pensioners Samaj

    Dedicated to Affiliates ,members,supporters & Well wishers.
    Every Life is equally important.

  • BHARAT Pensioners Samaj

    Dedicated to Affiliates ,members,supporters & Well wishers.
    Every Life is equally important.

  • BHARAT Pensioners Samaj

    Dedicated to Affiliates ,members,supporters & Well wishers.
    Every Life is equally important.

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Welcome To BHARAT Pensioners Samaj ( BPS )


Bharat Pensioners Samaj (Popularly known as BPS) founded in 1955 by Justice Retd Sh Shankar Saran along with Sh N P Srivastava IAS (Retd) & Sh M Ruthnaswamy ex Vice Chancellor Anna Malai University, Member P S C Madras based in New Delhi as a non-political, non-profitable, secular organization. With a mandate to seek the support of the Govt. in deficient areas and to develop systems that enable all of us (Pensioners) to act as one family with mutual confidence, support, and growing interdependence. Sh. Shankar Saran got it Registered in May 1962 with registrar of Societies Delhi under Societies registration Act 1860 vide Registration no 2023 of 62-63 with First President Justice Shankar Saran (Retd) & office at 9-A, Theatre Communication Buildings, Connaught Circus, New Delhi.

It is registered with NITI- AYOG India &with GOI M/O P, PG & Pensions-DOP & PW.Is also an associate NGO of International Federation on aging.

Ever since its inception Bharat Pensioners Samaj has been working for pensioners Welfare & Rights for over six and a half decades and has been instrumental in getting several benefits to Pensioners few of which are enumerated in following Para.

Pensioners related issues raised by Bharat pensioner Samaj finds references in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha debates several times as per records hereunder:

Lok Sabha Debates - page 4171 India Parliament Lok Sabha: History - 1961, Lok Sabha Debates: History - 1962, Parliamentary debates Vol.46 issues 1-7 p.356, Parliament Debates official report p120 – History – 1978 etc. On 16th August 1968 a delegation of Bharat Pensioners Samaj had an audience with the then Prime Minister of India to represent the problems of Pensioners and requested for constitution of a statutory body for resolving pensioners’ grievances. This ultimately, resulted in formation of Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions on 1st of August 1970 & creation of SCOVA in 1986.

2. Vide Resolution No.5(56)-E.III/83 dated November 8, 1985 Bharat Pensioners Samaj with the intervention of then PM Got fourth CPC Terms of Reference amended to include past pensioners.

3. Played leading role in the working of the institution of SCOVA from1986 onwards as its member up-to 2015. In 2009 BPS was responsible for persuading DOPPW to draw definite Policy for inclusion of members in SCOVA & restructuring of SCOVA. In 2007 it was BPS who persuaded DOPPW to launch Pensioners Portal & worked for its promotion through TV Serial e-Kranti 3 relayed from Doordarshan more than once. Bharat Pensioners Samaj was in the advisory committee of Pensioners Portal in the initial stages. The T V Serial e-Kranti 3 is still available on YouTube.

4. In 5th CPC BPS represented CG pensioners & was successful in getting recommendations for payment of family pension at the uniform rate of 30%, modified parity in pension & Provision of FMA. BPS Got fitment benefit rose from 20% to 40%.

5. At the time of 6th CPC constituted one memorandum steering committee & submitted single memorandum on behalf of all Pensioners associations. Just after declaration of 6th CPC recommendations before formulation of Resolution, DOPPW then Secretary Ms Rajni Rajdan & Director Sh M P Singh consulted Bharat Pensioners Samaj. 6th CPC vide their Para 5.1.47 had recommended the benefit of 74% DR for pension revision of past pensioners. BPS got it changed to 86% at pre resolution stage only. BPS was also successful in getting age related enhancement of pension, delinking 33 years of qualifying service and pension @ of 50% of last basic pay.

6. In 2013 Late Sh J N Rao BPS vice president (West Zone) carried BPS good wishes to Japanese counterparts and participated in the World Conference Against A & H Bombs which was held at Hiroshima and Nagasaki from 3rd to 10th August 2013 where he stressed the need of total abolition of nuclear weapons for the danger they pose for the very existence of humanity.

7. In 7th CPC Bharat Pensioners Samaj represented by Secretary General S C Maheshwari was invited more than once by 7th CPC to tender evidence. BPS in addition to other benefits was successful in getting the recommendations for notional fixation of pension, uniform fitment factor for all, merger of Postal dispensaries with CGHS and for merger of existing Health care schemes CGHS, RELHS & ECHS to create an integrated strong healthcare Network. (Not implemented by govt till now)

8. Functioning of Bharat Pensioners Samaj has been a matter of interest to Sociologists, Social scientists & Anthropologists and finds a reasonable space in their books & papers. Those interested may refer to Anthropology of Ageing by Vijay Upadhyay, Journal of Sociology Research Vol. 32-33 by the Council of Social & Cultural Research, Department of Anthropology, Ranchi University, Encyclopaedia of Social Work in India Volume 4 Ministry of Welfare (History)-1987, and India’s Elderly Burden –Social Science by Sebastian Irudya Rajan, Retirement in India By George Mana Chery, A Fight for Rights By M L Sondhi, Ageing & Society by H S Bhatia, Societal Responses by Social Scientist Dr Mala Kapoor Sankar Dass. SITUATION & VOICES UNFPA Publication No2 of 2002 page 108 Press release by MOS (PP) dated 20.09.2014, 20.05.2015 & 01.06.2017 which are still available on PIB India website.

9. BPS was invited to tender oral evidence before Bhagat Singh Kosiary parliamentary committee wherein it pleaded for pension revision of EPS 95 Pensioners.

Several grievances raised by BPS were considered by the DEPARTMENT-RELATED PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES, LAW, AND JUSTICE who have recommended redressal of these just grievances by the Govt. vide their 110th & 113th reports.

10. On 07.06.022 BPS was invited to tender oral evidence before the Rajya Sabha committee on Petition regarding CGHS.

Several of our pension &healthcare-related issues are being highlighted in the parliament by the honourable MPs.

BPS is the only Pensioners Federation that is being invited to UNFPA events in Delhi. On 1st October 2021 in the conference organized by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in coordination with WHO & NPHCE. BPS was the only organization that represented C G Pensioners& raised Sr Citizens related health issues.

Above are a few items highlighting BPS Performance? If past records are scratched, many more achievements will be revealed. BPS has been helping Pensioners & Family pensioners in a big way over the decades.

Our Future

Bharat Pensioners Samaj Pursuing just Demands & grievances of pensioners community in areas relating to pension, healthcare, security and dignity. Seeking redress through peaceful negotiations, discussions and Advocacy to implement Government policies for the welfare of Pensioners and application of court judgements relating to Pension/health & dignity issues to all similarly placed on reaching legal finality.


Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.